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December 2012

Quarterly Report - October to December 2012 (1.34mB PDF)

September 2012

Quarterly Report - July to September 2012 (40kB PDF)

July 2012

A new Operational Plan was adopted by Council on 17 July 2012 with unanimous support for the program and ongoing support for at least the next three years.

The Tweed TKMP management group have confirmed their intention to implement the 5th Safewater Project, ideally in May 2013. This project will focus on sanitation, and result in the construction of toilets in at least one of the three schools in villages where existing projects operate. Improving sanitary facilities for children in schools is a project that will be used to catalyse community wide adoption of toilets, a key step in further reducing the impact of communicable disease and poverty in the Safewater villages.

Download a copy of the Operational Plan 2012 to 2015 (1.69mB PDF).

June 2012

Safewater 4 - Final Report (6.43mB PDF)

Obambo-Kadenge village is located in Western Kenya, approximately 400km from Nairobi, which is a 10 hour plus drive. The closest town centre is Siaya. These people make a subsistence living, eating what they grow, with very limited access to markets to sell food and receive income. Water for the home is carried by the women and children in 20 litre containers.

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