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December 2008

Annual Review and Expenditure Statement 2007-08 (312kB PDF)

Special Thanks from Kenya - Letter from Councillor Leonard Otieno Oriaro

Councillor Leonard Otieno Oriaro enjoying safewater on opening dayCouncillor Leonard Otieno Oriaro enjoying safewater on opening day I humbly write to express to you Mr Olita in your capacity as desk coordinator of the Tweed Kenya Mentoring Program on the behalf of residents of the Boro West electoral area that I represent at the Siaya County Council as Councillor, so you may pass our heart-felt gratitude and appreciation to the Safe Water Project well-wishers and sponsors the Tweed Shire Council and community and the International RiverFoundation whose personal toils and efforts have now seen our poor communities in the Kadenge and Obambo sub locations have direct and reliable access to clean and easily drinkable domestic and livestock water sources right in the middle of the villages: the Tinga/Gona dams.

Due to the Skyjuice purification systems I can honestly say that over 3,000 villagers of these provincial areas can now say 'bye-bye' to water bourne diseases; including myself who has had chronic problems to do with infections related to Typhi and Para Typhi pathogens.

May these empathetic philanthropic institutions and individual volunteers know that their humanitarian gestures have become positively imprinted in the hearts of us the beneficiaries forever.

Yours Sincerely,
Leonard Otieno Oriaro
Councillor, Boro West Ward; Siaya County Council; Kenya
Email Address:
Postal Address: P.O. Box 410-40600, Siaya, Kenya
Cell Phone: 254737198975/ 254725992534

November 2008

Safewater 2 Project Delivery Report (813kB PDF)

The objective of the Tweed Kenya Mentoring Programs (TKMP) Safewater 2 project was to provide a hygienic drinking water supply for a rural community in Western Kenya.

The project was achieved by installing 4 SkyJuice™ filters in conjunction with a water pumping and storage facility at Tinga Dam, near the village of Ohaya.

The project was managed by a TKMP volunteer and Tweed Shire Council staff member, Tom Alletson, who planned and designed the installation and travelled to Kenya in November 2008 to deliver and commission the equipment. The essential preliminary work to facilitate the project was undertaken by the TKMP’s Kenyan Coordinator, Olita Ogonjo, in the months preceding November.

The project report (see link above) is presented in two parts. First, a summary description of the project, and second, an edited account of Tom's time in Kenya in diary form. This second part of the report attempts to give a more colourful account of the people, places and events that shape the safewater delivery.

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