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December 2006

International River Foundation TKMP Progress Report 2006 (42kB PDF)

October 2006

Stage 3 - First Year Review (206kB PDF)

June 2006

Stage 3 - Progress Report - Second Quarter 2006 (157kB PDF)

April 2006

Stage 3 - Progress Report - First Quarter 2006 (167kB PDF)

Mwangi is Coming?

Mwangi is Coming "I am happy that some boy all the way from Australia gave me these pair of boots and jersey… I now know that I will be able to play like Beckham without having to bother about hard ground and stone ".

Hi my name Mwangi I am 14 years old and live in the slums of Kibera, Kenya, Africa and love to play soccer. I come from a very poor family, I am an orphan child and the soccer ball has kept me off the streets and in school. My dream is to play against the boys in Australia and see how they live.

The Tweed Community is undertaking a mentoring role with a community in Nariobi. A strong bond is developing between the two communities, including an interest in youth soccer. Murwillumbah Services Soccer Club came up with the idea of donating all their old soccer shirts/boots/ball etc to the children in Narobi.

The Great Nairobi River Youth Soccer Tournament was held for both boys and girls with up to 400 youths from 24 clubs from around the Dagoretti Catchment attending. The Australian High Commissioner was a special guest of the Tournament Finals and issued soccer kits as prizes. Youth have been identified as the way to connect with the wider community.

Mwangi's dream is about to come true. Council staff have decided to provide him with an opportunity to come to Australia as a result of his background and soccer talent. Mwangi is not only an amazing footballer who captures the heart of many with his amazing football skills but also very well behaved, mature for his age and disciplined.

Preparation is well underway with Mwangi's travel documents now up to date and living arrangements finalised in Australia. Mwangi will be staying with two staff members and their family until September. He will attend a local school and play soccer. He will learn from us and we will learn from him as a further positive development of our Mentoring Program.

To make Mwangi's dream a reality and to give him an opportunity in life to use his skills, Council staff are sponsoring his airfare to Australia.

March 2006

Tweed-Kenya Mentoring Program (TKMP) Status Report

1. Introduction:

The TKMP, launched in September 2005 officially begun work in October 2005 with a partnership desk at GNet (a local NGO) in Kenya. The overall aim of the partnership is to rehabilitate the polluted Nairobi River catchment and the living standards and health of Nairobi residents. This will be achieved through river rehabilitation, improving access to clean water and sanitation for residents and commencing solid and liquid waste management in the catchment. The TKMP will undertake a pilot program along a small river section at the headwaters of the Nairobi River, it is envisaged that this pilot will then be implemented throughout the catchment

2. The Kenya Mentoring Desk is situated at REG (Riruta Environmental Group), Dagoretti, NairobiThe Kenya Mentoring Desk is situated at REG (Riruta Environmental Group), Dagoretti, Nairobi Achievements to date:

  • A program desk fully operational with a full time desk coordinator.

  • Links established with various agencies – National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), Nairobi City Council, the Nairobi Water Boards, NGOs (Greenbelt Movement, Maji Na Ufanisi, Riruta Environmental Group, International Technologies Development Germany) and Youth-Community in Dagoretti, Kibera and Kiambiu. It is intended that businesses will also be targeted in the future.

  • Mobilisation and awareness raised among the youth community on links between improved environment and improved community health and living standards. This has been achieved via seminars, meetings and touring the Nairobi River catchment.

  • The first Great Nairobi River Youth Soccer Tournament was held in December 2005. Five hundred youth participated and guests included the Australian High Commissioner and the Dagoretti Member Parliament. The prizes, uniforms and balls, were donated by the Murwillimbah Wanders and Tweed Shire Council. NEMA facilitated lecture series on river catchment.

  • Formation of informal youth network for improvement of the Dagoretti river catchment drawing youths from 8 slums areas of Dagoretti, Kibera and Kiambiu.

  • Youth groups have since initiated clean ups and tree planting with guidance and support from the TKMP desk.

  • Supporting the youth groups to apply for AusAID funding proposals.

  • A funding proposals underway for potential partners that include AusiAid, Ford Foundation, UNDP-Community Water Initiative, Veolia Foundation.

3. Funding:

Already Aus$20,000 have been disbursed to the program to date being part of the annual fund allocation by the IRF & TSC. The funding runs out on 31st March 2006 and the next funding cycle begins in July 2006. The challenge for the program in this case is to keep running in the period and beyond in ways that does not erode the achievement so far made..

4. Challenge:

The program now has a clear and developed project program aimed at rehabilitating the Nairobi River catchment. Funding remains the key priority with energy dedicated to fund raising.

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